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Sensory Play Den

Our Sensory Den is the perfect little structure for users to enjoy their own space. Sensory avoiders will find it beneficial as they reduce the amount of stimulation and offer, quiet time and reflection. For sensory seekers they provide a safe space to explore preferred stimulation activities. The unique structure means that users do not hurt themselves, so this is particularly beneficial for those with complex emotional, physical and behavioural needs.
You are able to customise your Den as much as you wish, making it a great solution for users with specific tastes, likes and dislikes. 

As standard our dens come with the following features, please see below, you can then add additional customisations to suit, 

Available at 4ft high and diameter (120cm) suitable for up to 4 small children or 2 adults.
Available at 5ft high and diameter (150cm) suitable for up to 5 small children and 3 adults.

All Dens come with:

  • A thick padded mat
  • Removable black out curtain 
  • Bluetooth light and speaker 
  • Transportation bag

As standard, the interior of the Den is black PVC, please let us know if you would prefer an alternative colour. 

All Dens are available in up to 8 colour choices at no extra cost. There are 8 sections to the Sensory Den, so feel free to choose a colour for each section.

Choose from:

  • Red
  • Blue 
  • Light Blue 
  • Green 
  • Tan 
  • Grey 
  • Black 
  • White 
  • Yellow
  • Shocking Pink 
  • Orange 
  • Purple 

The cost of a plain 4ft Den is £900, the cost of a 5ft Den is £1,020

All the following customisations can be added. 


Hand painted artwork can be added to both the interior and exterior of the Den, you can choose the theme, and please do look at our pictures for inspiration. We have a very talented artwork team, and can usually accommodate all requests. The interior of the Den comes in black as standard, please let us know if you would prefer a lighter colour in the interior to accommodate your chosen artwork.  

  • Names Personalisation £40
  • Exterior artwork £80
  • Interior artwork  £80
  • Full artwork £150


Sensory features:

We have many tactile features to choose from, examples can be sent to you upon request. You have the option to have fabric, tactile or squeak panels on the interior or exterior of the Den. 

Start from £20 each 

Light Pockets. Clear PVC light pockets which accommodate LED small light discs, multi settings, remote and batteries included.  

£30 for 2


Book / Storage / iPhone pockets 

From £15

If you have a specific size in mind, we please require exact measurements. 

We are very happy to work with you to create something special that works for you. 

All material used are durable, wipe clean & toxin free. 

Please get in touch to organise your bespoke quote. We have placed several example of our designs in the pictures.

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