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HO HO HO ! the perfect Christmas stress- free Xmas pressie! - Pre-filled Stockings! Inside this traditional red and white stocking is a collection of 15 toys that have been carefully selected to appeal to boys aged 6 and up. Each stocking comes sealed and ready to open as a surprise on Christmas morning. This item offers staggering value for money and is a huge time saver for busy adults and parents looking to buy stocking fillers.

That's the children's Christmas stockings sorted in just a single purchase - who can say no to that- Full list of stocking contents is below.

  • Traditional red and white stocking filled with:
  • Mad Balls (3-pack)
  • Bomb Bag Prank
  • Shark Fossil Egg Activity Set
  • DIY Galaxy Slime
  • Rainbow Poo Balloon Ball
  • Squeeze Beaded Poo
  • Alien Squeeze Egg
  • Mud Skull Slime
  • Toilet Noise Putty
  • Animal Car Toy
  • Meerkat Pen
  • Twist Movers Metal gadget
  • Grow Turtle Small Egg
  • Jaw-some Popper Shark
  • Squeezy Poo Alien Keyring

Suitable for 6+

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